If you would like to consider a kitten from us, we have several methods of reserving kitten choosing rights.

Before being placed on the waiting list please fill out the Kitten Interest Form.  Click on the button above.

 (Oakland Hills  supercedes all waiting lists as do breeders looking for breeder/show kittens)

Priority Waiting List: Photos of the kittens will be posted on this website.  You will then get first option, according to your placement on the list and according to pet and breeder and show quality *, to accept or pass on the kittens. You may pass on entire litters, if you would like, in order to find the perfect kitten.  You will not loose your place on the list. Top choice for that litter will then go to the second person on the Priority list.  Selection then falls to those on the regular Waiting List.  The cost for being placed on this list is $100 ($200 for breeders).  The cost to be placed on the waiting list does go towards the total purchase of the kitten (this is not an additional cost). The deposit is non-refundable but may be applied to a future litter.

* Breeder quality verses pet quality goes more by the overall kittens’ “type”. Not only pattern but the overall kitten according to the Bengal standard as in placement of ears, profile, tail, head shape, etc. There may be a beautiful kitten in every way that could have something such as a small tail fault that you wouldn’t know unless you knew what you were looking for.  That kitten would qualify as a pet quality.  If we have a breeder-show that no one has asked for, that kitten will be offered to pet buyers in order on the list.   When you send in your deposit, be sure to let us know if you are looking for pet, pet-show, breeder or breeder show.

This is the list is current as of 2/28/24 by initials to maintain anonymity, but still let you know where you stand. In the past I had people that wanted the same type of kitten, as in a silver spotted male. There could be 6 people waiting but for example, if you wanted a brown spotted male and everyone ahead of you wanted a silver, you would be first for the brown spotted. Sometimes people are not sure what they want.  Also, no one is "locked in" as to their preference. They may change their mind. We are expecting more to be added to this list as checks arrive via mail or PayPal*: You can send payment with any major credit card through PayPal by clicking the button below.

When the kittens are around 8-9 weeks old, we will evaluate and price them and then go down the list in order.  When we contact you, you can let us know if you are interested in a kitten from the litter or pass. You will not loose your place on the list.  If for some reason, you choose to be taken off the list and you would like to be put back on,  you can be put on without loosing your deposit.  Once you let me know that you would like to be put back on, you will be put at the bottom of the list.

1.     SS      (Silver Male)

2.     RG      (Male) 

3      AM     (Silver Male) 

4      AR      (Male)

5.     PM    (Adult/Retired Breeder)

6.     KB     (Male)   March 2024

7.     VV      (Brown Male)  Fall 2024

8.     WB    (Silver Female)

9.      TK     (Silver)

10.    WI    (Silver Female)

11.    EM   (Silver Male)

12.    KF   (Female)  August 2024

13.    AK   (Male)

14.    AS   (Undecided)

15.    VR/AR  (Silver Male Preferred but not a must)  



Waiting List:   When the kittens are born, after the "Priority Waiting List" has been contacted, you will be given the opportunity to either come and see the kittens in person or to view photos of them online in your e-mail. After the "Priority List" has made their decisions, you can then reserve your kitten, if there are any still available. This list does not guarantee you a kitten; simply that you will be notifed when there are available kittens after going through the priority list. After the birth, the first people with deposits received will have the first choice. This list is for people without deposits.

1.   PM   (undecided)

2.    LR     (Male)

3.    MP    (silver female)

4.    MF    (silver)

4.    KK    (silver male)

Our kittens are available as follows:

Pet Quality  - Prices start at $1800

Pet/Show Quality- Prices start at $2000

Breeder/Show Quality  - Prices start at $3000



Karen  (248) 398-5025